Monday, October 6, 2008

The Heart of a Father

Our nation faces a serious problem, and that is sucky fathers. We seem to believe that being a father ends with a simple donation of sperm. There is no doubt that the men have failed in the most important aspect of manhood that is fathering. We have failed our families, and in turn our families have failed, and where families fail, people perish. Men have not been there to tell their daughters they are beautiful or teach there sons how to work hard and become real men. The result has been women and girls with no confidence and boys that grow into emasculated men. Oh, they grow up to the size of men, but never acquire the character of an authentic man.

Single mothers have had to try to fill the void that fathers have left in their families. The only problem is that no matter how good a mother may be; she can never be a father. Thank God for the mothers that have done their best in this situation, but an absent father is a situation that can simply never be overcome. As badly as a child needs the unconditional love and nurturing that only a mother can provide, they need the firm hand and confidence that can only come from a father. Also, within the heart of every child is the desire to please their father. Without that they just don't know how to correctly proceed in any relationship.

What can we do?

It ain't brain surgery; you must do what you know to do. If you have already failed as a father, you must go to your children, old or young, and ask for their forgiveness. Humble yourself and show them how to restore a relationship. If you do not teach them they will never know how. Even if they don't forgive you, at least you will have taught them something. If you have to think about whether or not you have failed, there is no doubt, you have!

You must make it right, NOW!

If you have failed them because they live far away, move closer to them.
If you have failed them because you are pissed off at your wife or ex-wife, get over it.
If you have failed them because you have to work too much, demand schedule changes or get a new job. Although these things may be difficult to do, they are not difficult to figure out.

I understand that providing for one's family is a primary responsibility of a father, but if that provision destroys your son or daughter image or character, how can you continue?
We are in a fight for our children's hearts and souls, and it is a battle none of us can afford to lose.

But the sad truth is most men have failed or are failing.My greatest passion is being a father, and I have discovered something extraordinary about fatherhood. The heart of God is the heart of a father. The first step to becoming a better man is unleash the "Father's Heart" that is within you. Never quit on your kids, or even their friends that may need a father in their lives.


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